Early prevention, screening and detection are the best and most important method for the prevention of Cancer. Kentucky Women’s Cancer Screening Program is offered at Magoffin County Health Department for women 21-64 years of age who meet the following eligibility requirements.

Age 21-64 years.
Household income less than 250% of current annual federal poverty guidelines.
Has no third party payer source such as Medicare, Medicaid or Health Insurance.

Teresa Lawson, ARNP and Meghan Noble, RN perform physical exams, breast exams, pap smears, health education and referral for mammograms. Also, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol checks and screening for anemia are provided if needed. These screenings are provided once a week and we encourage any woman who is eligible to call for an appointment. Screening includes a complete health history, physical examination, Pap test, and screening mammograms for any abnormal clinical breast exams or all women 40 years old or older, occult blood screening if age 50 and older, and other testing as indicated by the client’s history. (blood glucose, lipid profile, urinalysis, hemoglobin, HIV screening, STD testing, and pregnancy testing)

Contraceptive methods are also offered if indicated through the family planning clinic at the health department.

Payment to the local health department consists of a nominal charge or free depending on the number in her household and annual income.

The health department is contracted with local health care providers for diagnostic evaluation of an abnormal Pap test result, clinical breast exam, or mammogram results. The program includes partial payment to the contracted provider for services to screen and diagnose. If a woman is screened at the Magoffin County Health Department and cancer is identified, the health department may be able to help with payment for the cancer treatment if client has no insurance or medical card.

Each client is assigned a nurse case manager to track and follow-up all abnormal findings through the cancer screening program. The client is followed until the patient is in treatment or the patient is scheduled for short-term follow-up.

The addition of the Medicaid Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment fund will financially assist those women screened through the Kentucky Women’s Cancer Screening Program with cancer or pre-cancer conditions. The eligibility period is the period when the client is actively receiving treatment for breast cancer, cervical cancer, or pre-cancerous cervical or breast disease. The eligibility period does not include follow-up visits or services after treatment is completed.

Referrals from physicians and other clinics on low-income women for breast and cervical cancer screenings/diagnostics are encouraged. However, the screening process must be done through the local health department to be eligible for these programs.

Physicians interested in contracting with the local health department for diagnostic and treatment services of women screened through the program should contact the local health department’s nurse case manager.

Women’s Cancer Support Group

The Women’s Cancer Support Group was formed from the Women’s Health Coalition through the health department. Previously, if a Magoffin County lady was diagnosed with cancer and sought support she had to travel to Floyd County to get this service. This was not feasible to most ladies that needed support.

The first support group meeting was held November 6, 2000 with 7 ladies attending and all but one was part of the coalition. Today we have 14 members. The support group meets the 1st Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the public library (if the 1st Monday is on a holiday, we will meet the next Monday at the same time).

The support group is open to every lady that has been diagnosed with any type of cancer whether you received your diagnosis 20 years ago or was just informed. According to a TV news report, “a woman who participates in a support group with at least 6 members has a 65% greater chance of survival than one that doesn’t.” The support group also does outreach to women and encourages them to have their annual mammogram and Pap. The group’s motto is “Don’t Delay, Get Checked Today.”


Women’s Health Coalition

The Women’s Health Coalition was formed in 1997 and consists of representation from various community organizations. The coalition’s main goal is to improve the health status of Magoffin County women. It is funded through the Kentucky Women’s Cancer Screening Project. Some projects of the coalition are:

(1) Incentives given to women going through the pap clinic at the Magoffin County Health Department;

(2) The “Survivor’s Campaign” where women from our Cancer Support Group have a Roundtable Discussion as an educational forum. This discussion is taped and then aired in October and May by YNT. During this campaign, flyers are also developed; our Cancer Support Group volunteers their time for distribution and education.

(3) “Women’s Health Day” is usually held in October and May and focuses on countywide collaboration with other health care providers in order to educate women on various health issues, specifically the importance of cancer screening. Door prizes and carnations are available at each participating providers office for those women having screenings on “Women’s Health Day.” The educational tables set up at each health care facility are manned by Cancer Support Group Survivors who donate their time to help educate the public about cancer related issues.

(4) The Coalition also takes part in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life by setting up an educational table during the event. Door prizes, refreshments, and incentives are available for those who visit the table.


Warning Signs
of Cancer:

* change in bowel or bladder habits

* a sore that does not heal

* unusual bleeding or discharge

* thickening or lump in breast or elsewhere

* indigestion or difficulty in swallowing

* obvious change in a wart or mole

* nagging cough or hoarseness

Don't delay...
Get checked today!