Communicable Disease

A communicable disease is an infectious illness that can pass from one person to the next. They can be spread in many different ways; for example, person to person through fluids, close contact with sick people, exchange of bodily fluids, airborne micro-organisms, contact with contaminated objects or substances. They can also be transmitted by animals, insects and food.

A few examples of communicable diseases are the common cold, influenza, chicken poxs, measles, turberculosis, staph and strep infections, HIV, sexually transmitted disease (STD) or sexually transmitted infection (STI), hepatitis c and hepatitis b.

Magoffin County Health Department offers preventative education, counseling, treatment, immunizations and referrals for communicable disease. Visit the following links for more information.

Tuberculosis: Skin testing, screening, counseling preventive treatment and outreach.

HIV:Testing and information available. Confidentially guaranteed.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Counseling, screening and treatment of STDs (including AIDS).

Hepatitis C Information

Hepatitis B Information



Kentucky Health Alerts: Zika Virus Disease


Zika virus disease, an infectious disease spread through the bite of a mosquito, is considered by the World Health Organization to be a serious international public health threat. Although many people who contract Zika virus infection have mild or no symptoms, pregnant women are thought to be at particular high risk for complications after Zika virus exposure, because the virus has been linked with the birth of babies who have defects in their brains. Like many viruses, Zika can be acquired from the bite of an infected mosquito. The virus is currently circulating in various parts of the world where Kentuckians could be traveling.

The Kentucky Department for Public Health is working closely with the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention to provide guidance and education to health professionals and the general public regarding the Zika virus disease. Visit the link below for more information about the Zika virus disease. For additional Kentucky questions or assistance, call (888) 973-7678 during business hours.

Zika Virus Disease Information



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